2 September 2016

Onto the mat. Seek stillness. Connect to breath, deepen the breath, open the channels. Start slow…begin to flow. Stretch. Hold. Strengthen. Release. Meditate. Soften. Contract. Release. Meditate. Breathe. Imagine. Release. Look outwards. Reach inwards. Remain. Empty. OM.

Jessy is certified through the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation of Kerala, India with Advanced Teacher Training (250 hrs, 2011) and Yoga Therapy (250 hrs, 2012) certificates, and continued studies in yoga & osteopathy with the Medical Yoga Academy of Berlin (modules 1-4, 2015). As a professional dancer, Jessy is influenced by many physical and energetic body practices, and a long line of inspiring teachers.

Jessy in Adomukhasvanasana

Drop-in classes

Currently, Jessy is on sabbatical from teaching drop-in classes.

Private classes

A private class to fit your personal needs or a bespoke yogic bodywork session that combines yoga postures with hands-on traction stretches to enhance core stability and articulation of joints.