December 22, 2020

Welcome the Grand Junction, the Grand Mutation. Light!

* * *

Jessy is a dancer, writer and performer. She has worked across Europe and the Americas in settings ranging from months-long museum installations to extempore bar sets. Alongside her career as performer and performance maker, Jessy has taught yoga, dance and performance arts, inter alia, at Mills College, Oakland, University of the Arts, Berlin, Xingwei College Shanghai, and dOCUMENTA.

In 2018 Jessy found herself in Los Angeles for the better part of a year where she undertook research into the behavioral norms of the LA stand-up scene. The result of her time is Standing Up, a solo series that tropes the generic conventions of standup while forcing people to dance, awkwardly.

Alongside Standing Up, current works in progress include a cycle of stories, parables, and prose poems written to be read aloud, some of which Jessy has performed at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, and featured in her program Landscaping, broadcast on Cashmere Radio, Berlin.

Jessy was born in 1975 and hails from Salt Lake City, Utah.

You can reach her at jltudd at gmail dot com.