One of the things that most fascinates me about stand up comedy is its reliance on audience feedback. To build an oeuvre one needs stage time, and then more and more stage time. I did not anticipate that I would build this solo series in people’s homes, but one day a friend asked when she could see my new work and I casually remarked that her living room was theater-like … the next thing I knew, she had party invitations out and I was lighting a DIY stage with house lamps. That living room led to more living rooms, and those living rooms keep leading to more. Stage time, stage time, stage time.

The living room shows are more than a performance in someone’s home. They are social gatherings. They involve eye contact and stumbling conversation. Makeshift seating and the hot breath of the entertainer in your face. The intimacy is uncomfortable and life-giving. You will be asked to leave a donation.

Here’s a teaser: